the fun continues…

Every now and then we realise what a great job we have.

Even though we are sometimes faced with rude, demanding, unreasonable people (particularly at the front door), our job is, by and large, facilitating all of our guests to have as great a time time as possible, every night we’re open! This can be a challenge…but it’s one we take seriously and with that in mind we’re constantly busy organising, booking, repairing, tuning, primping & polishing the venue so when you arrive there is nothing for you to do but enjoy.

So here is what we’ve got sorted for the weekend ahead…and it’s glorious!

Thursday – Disco Volante featuring MEL MARA
Friday – with MARKET MEMORIES (Oliver James and Sean Rault) + onesixone LIVE
Saturday – AUDIOPORN – all star residents every week, for your listening pleasure
Monday – Breakfast Club – with guests MANTRA COLLECTIVE (Sydney), JADE MAY & LE’BRUH

As you can see, we’re taking your good times earnestly…so, check out all our event art below and then come pay us a visit.


Thursday – Disco Volante


Friday – the Disco


Saturday – Audioporn

Sat Ban Jpeg

Monday – the Breakfast Club