onesixone feels it…

Can you feel it?

It’s that tingle you get when it’s still cold, windy and grey… but something has changed for the better. The days are just a little longer and the cold just a tiny bit less bitter and you get just a little more spring in your step…and it’s just that…Spring is just around the corner! We like to take that energy and turn it into something tangible… and the way we do that, here at onesixone, means organising a weekend of big fun!

And here is what we’ve got sorted for the weekend ahead…and it’s glorious!

Thursday – Disco Volante featuring SILVERSIX
Friday – the Disco’s RESIDENT SHOWCASE + onesixone LIVE
Saturday – AUDIOPORN
Monday – Breakfast Club

So you can see we’re taking the impending return of Spring, seriously and we think you should do the same…so get down here and enjoy all our hard work…because, you can.

Check out all our events below and then come pay us a visit.




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