December News…

Well, this year is wrapping up quickly but we still have a tonne of good stuff to squeeze in before the year is out…. and we want this year to end with a bang!

It all starts tonight (Thursday), with special guest “TAHL” followed on Friday with the return of the infamous “RESIDENT SHOWCASE”, which is always a heap of fun but be warned…things can escalate quickly so if you’re coming in on Friday…keep Saturday morning free for sleeping in! Saturday night, this week, is going to be an absolute whopper so if you’re planning on joining us, PLEASE try to avoid the post midnight rush, then stay as late as you like. Monday’s Breakfast Club has special secret guests aplenty so if you’ve got Monday off, make us a part of your extended weekend goodness..

So, there you go, another weekend of treats ahead so come early, stay late and always party safely!



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